quinta-feira, março 22, 2012


A chegada em Beijing, eu depois de 14h de voo (acho que foram 14h)

Eu provavelmente devia ter postado sobre isso antes. O sufoco da vida e a praticidade dos micro-blogs não permitiu (e nem permite ainda, tudo isso sera editado depois).

Estivemos em Beijing no final de fevereiro (2012), o lugar é incrivel e cada visita vale a pena. A China tem aspectos encantadores e uma história unica.>

segunda-feira, março 05, 2012

Red blossoms; A Perfect Chase

aMAZEd by Red Blossoms

So many years ago... somewhere... kids couldn't possibly know where.

Some things are meant to be...

Fue was flying high on the sky, the white crane had just recovered from an injury. The wound gave him a permanent hole on the left wing, so every time the bird delivers a bold maneuver wind would go through it, between the feathers, and produce a loud whistle. That is why Yukihime named him 'Fue', like the flute her mother plays.

Genki gave a loud bark when it's dark eyes spoted the bird. The akita puppy couldn't help but run towards its newly targeted prey. Much more fun than fair, a perfect chase. Following the dog, comes the boy. It is needless to explain why Hiromitsu gave his yellow furry friend the name of 'Genki', the ever-running dog makes it clear.

Fue is made aware of the newcomers by Genki's bark. These are people (and dog) that the lately reclusive bird had never seem before. The crane with tired wings flys back home, whistling between many plum and cherry trees, to find Yukihime coming to him.

Somehow, they all found themselves in a crimson maze, surrounded by sakura smell and drifting petals.

But they had no time or wisdom to the scenario...

Fue landed clumsily on Yukihime's lap pushing her to the ground. While Hiromitsu struggle in useless efforts to prevent Genki from joining the other two and making the mess even bigger. Soon all that could be seeing are feathers and fur and kids trying to protect their pets from pecks and bites that were never that threatening. Just nature's play.

As they could, they rose up. One shyly cleaning the kimono. Other suspiciously removing the dust. Like perfect opposition between blues and reds.

Once more, the pets, bird and dog, are on the go.

- It's fine...I think they just want to play. - Her voice is calm and serene, as she gives time for each word to take flight off her lips.

- Are you kidding? Genki always wants to play! - His voice is lively and energetic, he quickly catches his breath, talking as fast as a thought.

- That's good... - She nods briefly with sympathy.

- Is it? Ow you have no idea... Hey! Wait! - He smiles broadly ready to move.

With giggles they resumed the chase, more fun than fair, within a maze of crimson petals, under a cloudless blue sky.