domingo, março 09, 2014


2:36 PM [Yasuki Tadakatsu] "You mean you haven't heard of the Hiruma? I suppose it is fairly recent news. One of our ships was attacked," he says.

2:37 PM [Asahina Yukimi] "I'm careful about my sources, if Yasuki-sama have word on that incident, I would like to listen, please"

2:37 PM [Yasuki Tadakatsu] "And perhaps I should have been more clear..." he says with a saddened face. "We will not lose our lands, Asahina-sama. They have been Crab lands for much longer than they ever were Crane, and we will defend them. With blood and souls, if we must."

2:40 PM [Asahina Yukimi] Yukimi bows to his sincerity "So, with that mind set, what is Yasuki-sama seeking of me?"

2:41 PM [Asahina Yukimi] "Should I stop the Crane for your clan's sake? Please, tell me how..."

2:41 PM [Yasuki Tadakatsu] Now he definitely seems surprised.

2:41 PM [Yasuki Tadakatsu] "I must say I did not espect these words, Asahina-sama."

2:43 PM [Yasuki Tadakatsu] "This one expects nothing but that Asahina-sama performs her duties to the best of her ability. I merely state what my superiors have imparted upon me."