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9 anos...

... de namoro, ou o quer que seja isso a essa altura :P
Eu particularmente acho que foi dia 25 que isso começou, mas o kas diz que foi 23, então ta bom.
De qualquer forma foram 3 dias de EIRPG em 2002 :P e quase nada mudou desde então.

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What comes with the gray storm

Title: What comes from the gray storm
Written for: Baby Rainbou
Ponies of her choice staring: Baby Rainbou, Glory, Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash
Genre requested: Horror or High-Fantasy
Object: Prism
Sentence: Any observer unfamiliar with ponies might be surprised by her lack of fear
Rating: free
Author's Note: This was wrote for a Story Swap. I'm unsure about the translation, it may sounds weird at some point as I had a hard time with "verbal times" and conjugatin. My appologies, it was my 1st fiction written in English, and I also had to cut of some of the descriptions because I just couldn't make it sounds like I wanted it to sounds like in English. I feel like I kinda had failed with the genres >.o sorry about that. Setting for this story is G4, the story told here happens a little while after FiM episode 2.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Hasbro ponies or FiM characters used in this story, by these I mean Glory, Dancing Butterflies, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle, Sunribbon, Rainribbon, Starbow, and Ponyville setting. I "own" (that sounds strong, its more like I "made") some stuff but... I won't mess the surprise for those who are reading Poke Tounge And our main star Baby Rainbou belongs to Baby Rainbou.

What comes from the gray storm

Not much happened since noon, but the wind was howling over Ponyville bringing dark clouds from the north. The ponies were rushing into their business trying to get home before the heavy rain that was sure to come.

Dancing Butterflies shook her head preventing the hair from covering her eyes while she was quickly flying, the tempest behind her was ready to catch her. The wind was interfering with her flight course, and often throwing her into dangerous spins and pirouettes. The icy water begin to accumulate in her showy yellow fur leaving it increasingly burdensome.

Finally she could see what she was looking for, the library tree. She breathed deep with the expectations of meeting Twilight Sparkle. Princess Celestia first student's was her last resort.

A lightning crossed the sky followed by a mighty thunder, fortunately Dancing Butterflies was already on the ground, the bag that she carried was soaked, but she could take care of that later. She knocked on the door ... anxious.


Twilight Sparkle's voice sounded excited to open the door, she wouldn't let anyone waiting in the rain, but she was surprised to see someone she never knew before:

-Who are you?

Dancing Butterflies greeted amenities, with the typical timidity of all the yellow pegasus:

-I'm Dancing Butterflies, I need help...I mean... could you be so kind to help me...

-Come in. What happened?

Dancing Butterflies kicked off the water out of her fur, displeased with the messy hair she go as an outcome, but less wet now, she could enter the library. She started looking for something in her bag while explaining the situation:

-I found one ... a ... oh my god! Where is? I'm sure i brought it!

Twilight Sparkle closed the door still somewhat confused:



Not so far away. Glory was by the window watching the rain. She looked thoughtful with a red handkerchief around her neck, she was the leader of the Girl Scouts. They had planned a very beautiful picnic for today, but now they could not leave the seat because of rain. She needed a plan and... if only she could think of ... Shortly behind her was the restless Rainbow Dash:

-I can take care of these children, Glory! Now I have a blue scarf and it will be so fun! We need not give up just because it's raining. We can play hide and seek, play pick up, play mimics. No, not mimcs. Mimics is only fun near Pinkie >.o

Glory sighed looking over her shoulder and finding the broad smile of RainbowDash:

-Let me take care of them, pleaaaase?

-It's not a scarf, its a handkerchief. Ow RainbowDash, are you sure that everything will be okay?

Glory had little options. With the rain many ponies had failed to arrive, and the children's usual supervisor were not around yet.

-Very well. But try to get out of trouble and...


-I'm not finished!

-Ow, sorry.

-... And do not scare the girls.

-Oooky - Rainbow Dash shot out of the room and talking practically alone in a low, sly tone - I'll try.

The rain was falling heavily and the wind whistled it off alarmingly. RainbowDash could not waste such a good opportunity. She joined the babies in the playroom bringing a flashlight whit her and began to speak with a sacry voice:

-It's on days like this that the big bad bear goes hunting.

Three of the babies looked longer to each other ...

-Don't even try it, RainbowDash. - Rainbirroun anounced

-Why would a bear go out in the rain? - Sunribbon inocently asked

-Your story won't scare us this time! - Starbow was sure to let her know

-It's not a story, it is true. The bear goes out in the rain to disguise the blood of his victims. So he can clear his claws and fangs after snagging a unwary pony. He go out and hunt in the rain so the animals do not feel the smell of death coming from his bloody paws.

RainbowDash steped ahead near Starbow staring at the baby while a noisy bolt torn some clouds apart, Any observer unfamiliar with ponies might be surprised by her lack fear. Or, anyone unfamiliar with RainbowDash's pranks could be scared. But those girls were quite used, and would not allow RainbowDash to taste their fear again, the babies are just fearless staring at RainbowDash, like challenging her to give her worst.

Glory entered the room.

-RainbowDash! I did not say not to scare the babies?!

RainbowDash had some surprise on her eyes, she couldn't understand why Glory complained. Her horror story had become a staring contest with those three bratty, Rainribbon, Starbow and Sunribbon.

Glory went to the sofa and found there baby Rainbou. Baby Rainbou's eyes were teary and she shook scared. RainbowDash began to explain:

-Not me! I do not even knew she was there.

-RainbowDash! - Glory interrupted her - when you offered to take care of the babies you were supposed to care for ALL of them.

RainbowDash approached the baby Rainbou, who still lurked between the legs of Glory, and muttered low:

-Stop it. You do not look like the rest of the Rainbow family. What are you scared of at all?

Rainbou breathed gathering courage and answered:

-Ghost ...

Glory again looked at RainbowDash with disapproval and warned that she should stop scaring the children, she smiles at baby Rainbou then assuring that everything would be fine, and soon Glory left the place, returning to her office.

RainbowDash snorted while other babies were approaching.

-What ghost? - Asked Starbow

- Are you not listening? The ghost that's asking for help ...

-I hear no ghost! - Stated RainbowDash

The other babies were soon silent, this was not the type of play expected of Rainbou.

-Hey! Girls! There is NO ghost! - RainbowDash insisted, without deflect the attention of babies.

-... Are you listening to? - whispered Baby Rainbou

-No ...

-No ...

-Aaaaaah! - Baby Starbow shouted scared and then all the others hid.

-Ahahaha - Starbow laughed loud while looking RainbowDash hungging from the ceiling fan. She smiled and told -I got you.

Rainribbon and Sunribbon soon came back from their hidding stops. Even Rainbou, a little timidly, rejoined the group with a little smile before insisting:

-Are you hearing right now ...?

The ponies have a moment of silence, the wind outside sounded scary, they first thought that Rainbou was imagining voices in the wind. Or maybe in the shade of trees the rays projected against the window, or maybe it was the sound of thunder ... and when everyone really started to look for it and try to hear what was scaring Baby Rainbou ... they could hear ... a suffered moan low saying

-Help ...

The pony suddenly paled. It was not the wind nor rain, someone was actually asking for help. They were all so suddenly even more scared than baby Rainbou.

-What is this happening? - Starbow had a worried voice

-I do not know, I'm hearing it since the rain began - warned Rainbou

-Let's tell Glory - suggested Sunribbon

-No! Let's solve it ourselves! - RainbowDash seemed determined, she would take care of those babies alone!

-But RainbowDash, we do not know what is happening. - Rainribbon

-But we'll find out! Rainbou will go outside and and look.

Rainbou stared terrified:


-Okay, so I'm going! Errr...Together with you ...

Baby Rainbou cowered against the wall. She could only imagine the horrible and twisted appearance of the ghost, she would not go anywhere but RainbowDash kept insisting.

-Come on! Besides, you heard it frist.

Baby Rainbou gulped gathering courage and took some fearful steps towards the exit. Outside, the storm began to subside.


Back in the tree library, Dancing Butterflies continued to tell her story as Twilight Sparkle watched the storm calmed down outside.

-... then it started to rain, and I made all the way here...

It's awesome that you've flown this far in safety, I have never seen a storm like this before. There's something strange about it.

Dancing Butterflies approached the window of the Twilight Sparkle looking out there too:

-... it seems that its already about to stop.

-Yes, thank goodness.


RainbowDash and baby Rainbou left the house under the already weakened rain.

-Are you still listening?

-I'm ... - Baby Rainbo answered reluctantly.

At the window, Starbow, Rainribbon and Sunribbon were watched nervously.

-I think it's this way ...

Baby Rainbou reluctantly began to walk toward the sound, she could hear the distant but clear request for help that sounded terribly frightening.

She gingerly walked a few steps along the wall toward the voice.

-I guess it is here, RainbowDash.

-I'm not seeing any ghost, hunf! - RainbowDash bravely took a look arround

-I'm sure the voice comes from here, he must be an invisible ghost ...

-DOWN HERE!!! - A loud scream interrupeted baby Rainbou

RainbowDash and baby Rainbo jumped with fright, their terrified eyes soon could find, on the ground just ahead of them, a piece of mirror in which they saw in partial a reflection of a pony.

RainbowDash ducked briefly sniffing the mirror:

-That is something very wrong.

Baby Rainbou looked with some curiosity, the mirror did not reflect her image, yet she was sure it was a mirror. More than that, everything showed in the mirror was ... out of colors.

-Who are you?

Rainbou's question brought the baby voice, now less spooky, to the pony inside the mirror:

-I'm Darkcloud, I ... I'm stuck inside.

-Darkcloud? What kind of name is this? - RainbowDash stared at him inquisitively.

The pony could hardly appear completely on that shard of mirror.

-For me it's just a normal name.

-How can we get you out?

-Well, now we need another pieces of the mirror. Hope it has not vanished with the storm. I can call from the other reflexes, if you can hear.

-I'll help! - Baby Rainbou smiled, pleased that there seemed no more to fear. Soon she began to walk through the wet streets of Ponyville, hoping to hear Darkcloud calling from the other fragments of the mirror. Baby Rainbou ran while RainbowDash, accompanied her, had no time to say a word to stop her.


Meanwhile Dancing Butterflies and Twilight Sparke were preparing to go in search of the mirror.

-Then I found odd those gray clouds, we discovered that they were always hidden behind the mountains, but when Mare in th... I mean... when Princess Luna returned those clouds started coming towards us. I went with others to investigate and we found the mirror.

-I understand. But you said that the clouds where stuck there for a long time. And, also said the mirror had no color?

-Exactly, clouds were like a permanent storm, and it never moved since I remember. Things only started to happen when princess came back. And, yes, everything I saw within the mirror has no color.

-I think I can fix it. Spike?! Please book about the Coloured Magic and book about Storms.

-You got it Twilight.

-Before we go, Dancing Butterflies, let me check something.

It didn't took too long for baby Rainbou to find the three pieces in which the mirror was gone. Putting the pieces together she could see a male pegasus. RainbowDash watched too.

-Hey, you're a pegasus! I do not know you! - RainbowDash seemed surprised to find a unknow pegasus.

-We have to fix the mirror RainbowDash, otherwise he will not be able to leave.

-Right! I know someone who can handle it. Come on!

Baby Rainbou took together the pieces and accompanied RainbowDash, they were soon in front of the library tree and neither had time to knock the door. Twilight Sparkle and Dancing Butterflies were output.

-Hi Dash, Hello Baby Rainbou. This is Dancing Butterflies.

Dancing Butterflies couldn't even greet new acquaintances all she was able to say was:

-You found the mirror!

Baby Rainbou showed the pieces.

-Is it yours?

-Good. Come in, come. Let's fix this right now. - Twilight Sparkle invited all to join her and went back inside accompanied by her friends. She brought them up to the balcony, the clouds were dissipating and fortunately a warm sun began to beat on them.

Baby Rainbou assembled the mirror again and everyone could see Darkcloud without color, in all greyish shades inside.

-So... can you girls let me out?

Twilight Sparkle checked on her books once more

-Apparently, you're stuck in the mirror of colors. If we can fix the mirror we can release you.

-And you can fix the mirror?

-Maybe. Once you tell what you were doing with it?

-Well, its my, and my colleagues, job to make storms. We use the mirror to take out some colors, make the storm seems a little dark, you know, give everything the right effect so bolts can glow and everything else... storms must be a, how can I explain, a kinda “dark” event.

-Spike! Book on ancient myths and legends.

-Right now, Twilight.

While everyone seemed a little surprised by the mean talk about making storms, Twilight Sparkle returned to her books for a while.

-In fact, I see in my book that there used to be dark storms like you said, and they never happened again. Who knows whatever else may had been gone while Princess Luna was gone. Well, I should have just what it takes to set you free.

-Are you sure Twilight? I don't think we need storms. - RainbowDash took a suspicious look at DarkCloud.

-Well, if I may say something... it was kind fun to have the storm, and Starbow was able to scary RainbowDash because of it.

RainbowDash stared at baby Rainbou:

-Hey you! I wasn't really scared!

Baby Raibou inocently smiled, she knew it would be useless to go into arguing with RainbowDash.

-Let's just do what with have to do every pony.

Soon the magic of Twilight Sparkle brought to her a clear prism made of pure crystal. Carefully she sought the perfect sunshine. Every one could see the beautiful rainbow coming out from the other side of the prism. Twilight Sparkle direct the rainbow to the cracks in the mirror, the mirror started to rebuild itself while the colors were violently sucked into it. When Twilight Sparkle was done, everything inside the mirror had amazing colors.

Now everyone could see, DarkCloud has a shiny dark blue body, the hairs near his hoofs and the points of the feathers on the wings came to be slightly black, his eyes glowed in golden yellow shades like lightnings and his hair had a silvered gray tone.He had colors now but... he was still weirdly dark compared to everyone else. As a symbol he had a turbulent cloud from which rain falls. He was totally not as expected. Baby Rainbou retreated a few steps standing behind Dancing Butterflies.

-Hey, Twi, let's just keep him inside the mirror, ok? - RainbowDash seemed anxious as, for her, DarkCloud seemed like trouble on the horizon.

-I think we will not need to, Rainbow Dash.

Everyone was kind unsure if releasing the dark pony was the right thing to do, but Twilight lifted the mirror with her magic and a rainbow came out of if dropping Darkcloud and spraying all colors through Ponyville.

DarkCloud shakes his head and stretched his wings while everyone was amused, the colors from the mirror where now every where, exactly like things are supposed to look like after the storm, everything around them looked brighter and more colorful. While the mirror had no colors again.

-I still do not understand how this happened. - DarkCloud was looking at the mirror, he was still unsure about how he got trapped inside.

Twilight Sparkle smiled while DarkCloud was still surprised:

-Oh my, you are all really colorful. You are nothing like the ponies that I'm used to dealing with. - Darkcloud looked at ponyville from the balcony - errr. .. how many day ponies... I though day ponies were some kind of legend.

He seemed really surprised with all the colors and the number of ponies in Ponyville.

-I thought the ponies of night existed only in legends too. Apparently everyone thought. This means that when Princess Luna got stuck on the moon ... what happened to you?

-I do not know, I was with my friends preparing a storm, we were in a hurry to do that before dawn and suddenly I was so sleepy, I took down the mirror and I must have fallen over it.

-So while the Princess Luna was caught you all must have been into some kind of deep sleep.

-And the clouds were trapped between the mountains all the time? - Asked Dancing Butterflies

-Yes. The clouds, and the storm, are kept within the Valley of the Storm until the storm is all set, them I let it go. - DarkCloud told her

-Well I got the impression that these clouds were following me. When I went out after finding the mirror and investigating the clouds I probably left the storm out. - Dancing Butterflies was pleased to realize what happened - But what about the mirror?

-The mirror can rearrange colors and put colors from one place to another. It is a very ancient artifact. - Twilight Sparkle explained while Darkcloud nodded positively:

-We take the color out of storm clouds. The mirror is full of colors, it is said that the other ponies wore the colors during the day but ... I had never seen a day-pony, I simply left mirror with the colors withing and in the next night it was colorless again, ready to be used, I thought the colors were fleeing or something like that.

The ponies laughed fleeing colors was such a silly idea and they were now all knowing that they had found a new friend. Then DarkCloud bowed addressing to baby Rainbou.

-Thank you so much, I'm glad someone has heard me when I needed help. You are all invited to know the Valley of Storm and the other few ponies that live there.

Baby Rainbou thought for a while, Valley of Storm sounded like a scary and dangerous place but she saw all her friends around and nodded positively with a brief smile feeling like she was ready to a new adventure.